Gearhart Instruction Manuals

Here you will find PDF copies of the Gearhart Instruction manuals that I have on hand. The 1923 manual came with my machine and it is the one that helped me get through my first dozen-or-so socks. Since then I’ve acquired the 1924 and 1942 manuals (well, I also have a 1925 manual, but it’s in dilapidated condition and I’m unable to scan it.) The 1924 manual is probably the best for general use with its large, clear pictures and step-by-step directions for each task. The 1923 manual is not as step-by-step as the 1924 manual, and its language can be a bit confusing but it has several interesting projects in it. The 1942 manual is the most concise when it comes to machine setup and use.



  1. Thank you for the manuals. I just acquired a 1923/24 Gearhart and didn’t have a manual for it.

    • I’m glad you could use them! Be sure to check out the 1925 and later manuals as they are better written and have a little better technique for making the heels than the 1924 and earlier manuals did. As you can see, I haven’t updated this blog in a loooong time, but hope to again soon. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Thank you for posting the manuals. I have a new Erlbacher Gearhart which I am struggling to learn to use. Perhaps the old manuals have a good troubleshooting section.

  3. Thanks for posting these. I just inherited a 1925 (no manual unfortunately) so maybe the 1924 will at least help me figure out how to put it together.

    • The 1924 manual is definitely much better written than the 1923 and the 1924 manual also shows how to use your ribber (the same from 1924 and on). I just double checked the 1924 manual versus the 1925 and the only difference appears to be some clarifications in the content of the heel and toe section. I hope you enjoy your machine! I just got mine out again after a 4 year hiatus…

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