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Stating The Obvious – Cylinder And Ribber Needle Storage

August 26, 2010

For a while, I was perfectly content to keep my cylinder needles in a little plastic pouch and pour them out onto a piece of paper towel on the top of my stool. This worked well for a while, but I found that once I obtained a ribber and had two piles of needles on the stool, it was easy to mix things up. I remembered seeing a video on YouTube where the author used Altoids tins to keep their needles. This makes perfect sense over using the envelope because it provides crush-proof storage as well as a convenient place to place needles when they are not in use so that they won’t get mixed in with other sizes or types of needles (well, unless you knock them all off the top of your stool at the same time…) Not wanting to waste space by using large Altoids tins to hold the smaller ribber needles, I found that the Altoids Tiny Tin was the perfect size to hold the ribber needles. To try to prevent the needles from rusting, I have lined the bottoms of the tins with the anti-rust paper that came with my new needles (which are available from Angora Valley Fibers, who I highly recommend – Pat is so great to deal with!)

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the surplus of displaced Altoids I have…